Cult of VHS


A documentary focusing on the age of VHS, eccentric collectors from around the globe and the video nasties that became the centre of a controversial debate on censorship in the eighties and nineties.

Why does the VHS videocassette format still hold such a fascination for young and old horror movie fans? This informative documentary explores the allure, the nostalgic artwork, straight to video titles, through engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining interviews with collectors, film directors and VHS enthusiasts. Take a trip down Memorex Lane with graphic artists as they take us through their first experiences with the medium and what it meant to them.



Rob Preciado


Graham Humphreys, David Gregory, Aaron Truss


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“Cult of VHS is a passionate window into the enduring fandom of the medium”

Flickering Myth

“A loving ode to a bygone era, Cult of VHS captures that sense of warmth that comes only from looking back at more innocent times”

The Hollywood News

“A celebration of a cult that continues to have a devoted fan base to this day”

Motion Pictures Film Club

“Cult of VHS is a warm, nostalgic saunter down memory lane … a lot of people are going to love it”

Horror Cult Films

"Essential viewing for VHS horror fans"

Bloody Flicks

"Cult of VHS promises to be a fan favourite"


“An entertaining film from start to finish, and an informative take on a phenomenon which reshaped cinema forever”

Eye For Film