Cordelia lives with her twin sister, Caroline in a basement flat in Central London.

Once a promising actress, an event in Cordelia's past changed her outlook and emotional state. Her gradual move towards independence is placed into jeopardy, however, when her sister leaves with Matt, her boyfriend, for a weekend away.

Seemingly able to cope at first, the weekend becomes overwhelming for Cordelia and she begins to unravel, regressing back to the state of confusion.

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Adrian Shergold & Antonia Campbell-Hughes


Adrian Shergold


Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Johnny Flynn, Michael Gambon, Joel Fry, Alun Armstrong


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Grief, guilt and sanity are explored in this oddly haunting psychological thriller. While dealing with historical trauma, it almost feels itself like an artefact from another age, featuring such anachronistic elements as a landline, 35mm Kodak film and complicated, human characters.Part thriller, part character study, Cordelia is eerie and atmospheric, putting you in the fractured headspace of its desperate lead. An impressive dual achievement from co-writer/star Antonia Campbell-Hughes.

Nev Pierce for EMPIRE

Adrian Shergold’s Cordelia poses an intriguing premise wrapped in a strikingly atmospheric and claustrophobic presentation. It’s dark, slightly off-kilter and enjoyably strange, with Campbell-Hughes delivering a stellar double performance that carries events forward. There’s rarely a frame that she isn’t in, and she is constantly fantastic.

Andrew Murray for THE UPCOMING

A deeply creepy atmosphere and a fascinating protagonist are the selling points of this idiosyncratic psychological horror.

Kevin Maher for THE TIMES